Sometimes Sh!t Happens

Been a long while, again. Sorry y’all.

I got laid off February 4th of this year.

It stings. Truly does. I have no other recourse as far as living situation. I could go live with my mom but that is less than ideal. I have/had some money saved up and have taken on a wonderful and wonderfully paying freelance job, but I will need permanent work in the next 5 or 6 months. So if y’all know anyone hiring a mid-level frontend engineer, tell them I said hey! 👋🏾

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I wrote about being laid off and a post about leveling up and lessons I learned along the way.

That’s all the stuff I’ve written, but there are other links out there too!

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🔗 Kent C. Dodds has a course coming out. Check it out because he’s really good at this stuff. - link

🔗 DevNikki is a fantastic developer you should follow on Twitter. She’s really smart, really driven, and would make a good addition to any team. - link

That’s all y’all

Bye for now and stay safe out there. It’s wild and crazy. 🦠

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