Preparing for Technical Interviews

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I am currently working on interviewing with a pretty great company and this means preparing for technical interviews.

I’ve had some time to prepare but now it’s crunch time. The guy who recruited me said it wasn’t meant to trick me and to brush up on my ES6.

I know a good amount of ES6 but it’s always helpful to expand on that knowledge.

I am pretty nervous and the time I’ve spent not preparing right away and now having just over a week to do so got me thinking: when should you start prepping for a technical interview?


You should have skills already. Make sure you can program. You can apply to positions outside of your comfort zone but make sure you know your language and can program in it with confidence.

Start Prepping Right Away

I am a huge procrastinator. Part of that is fear of success which is also a fear of failure in a sense. I’ve lived a pretty mediocre existence with plenty of memoir fodder. As such, there are all kinds of psychological barriers for me. For me, knowing this and planning before you even schedule the interview is important.

I am confident that I can prepare this whole week without issue. I just wish I’d started sooner for that little bit of extra comfort.

Practice with a Mentor

Most of the people I consider mentors don’t program in my language. So I hop into Slack, Spectrum, or sometimes Discord to bounce things off the more experienced devs there. Open a dialogue with these devs and let them show you your strengths and weaknesses.

If You’ve Been on This Merry-Go-Round Before

Be optimistic but keep hope at arm’s length. Rejection sucks. It never gets any easier. You become used to it though and when someone says yes, it is honestly a pleasant surprise. Keep driving though. It’s cliché but as the saying goes, there may be a 100 noes but all it takes is one yes.

I’m taking this to heart this time around.

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