New Job, Great Opportunities

Brief-ish newsletter. I am hoping to do more of these now that things have settled down.

So…I got a job!

I work for ICF Consulting Firm doing frontend work and I thoroughly enjoy my team and the company culture. I really lucked out landing with this company and am grateful for the learning experience and learning is basically what I am doing right now.

I have leveled up in the four months since I started considerably. I still have a ways to go, I am still a junior, but I am gaining practical experience and this is the most important thing for me for now.

Moving on up

Making a ton more money than I ever have, I decided to move somewhere that sort of reflected my new reality and while it is quiet, I am really happy with it. ICF is a remote company for the most part, and I decided to move to a 2 bedroom and make one of those bedrooms my office.

The studio/office

Call for more contributors

My repo, The JavaScript Developer’s Reading List is feeling a bit lonely as I haven’t had time to add to it. It’s got 3,300 ⭐️s on GitHub and could really use your contributions. Any JavaScript focused books, any frameworks, core concepts, articles, etc should be added to this list as long as you have read the article or know of someone who has highly recommends it. I want quality reads on this list so that is an important caveat.

Things not to miss

Tweet of the day

That’s all for now

Till next time! 👋🏾

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