Links of Note

Links of Note

It’s been a bit of a week! From snow to 90°? Wild.

If you haven’t noticed I have switched from TinyLetter to as they allow writing in markdown as well as other necessary features for free for the first 1000 subs. I am nowhere near that so I am happy to be a part of this.

Without further ado! This week’s awesome links.

Wanted: Ninja Rockstar Code Monkey Hacker Unicorn

Randall Koutnik

from the article:

We’re looking for the best of the best - but as you can already tell from the title, we have no idea what that looks like.

It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so true.

ZEIT – Hyper 2

Hyper 2 is available. I have switched to Hyper full-time because it is just beautiful

Git [Script] Aliases That Could Be Helpful

Sarath Damaraju

from the article:

Git has the awesome feature of writing your own aliases to commands. I like it a lot and written a set of aliases that I use everyday (I call them short-codes) and I wanted to share them hoping to-be useful to others.

Some useful shell aliases. Check out this comment for the difference between shell and git aliases.

Announcing the Visual Studio Live Share Public Preview

VS Code has announced a preview of their long awaited Live Share code sharing feature. This is a game changer and will potentially change the way video interviews as well as mentorships go in the dev community.

Keeping the eyes peeled for more interesting links

That’s it for this week. Look out for another Links of Note next week. 👋

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