Links of Note

Links of Note


Some things I've discovered this past week that have really got me excited.

Third-party CSS Is Not Safe

From Jake Archibald:

A few days ago there was a lot of chatter about a 'keylogger' built in CSS.

Some folks called for browsers to 'fix' it. Some folks dug a bit deeper and saw that it only affected sites built in React-like frameworks, and pointed the finger at React. But the real problem is thinking that third party content is 'safe'.

It's safe to say that we should be checking our third party CSS as well.

Sneak Peek: Beyond React 16

From the React Blog on web performance for user experience

On the first demo, Dan says: “We’ve built a generic way to ensure that high-priority updates don’t get blocked by a low-priority update, called time slicing. If my device is fast enough, it feels almost like it’s synchronous; if my device is slow, the app still feels responsive. It adapts to the device thanks to the requestIdleCallback API.

There is a video of React dev and Redux author Dan Abramov demoing two different facets of React 16 that effects perf for a better user experience. Definitely worth the 30 or so minute watch.

Front-end Interview Handbook by Yangshun on GitHub

From Yangshun, the maintainer's README

Unlike typical software engineer job interviews, front-end job interviews have less emphasis on algorithms and have more questions on intricate knowledge and expertise about the domain — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, just to name a few areas.

While there are some existing resources to help front end developers in preparing for interviews, they aren't as abundant as materials for a software engineer interview.

I am glad for this resource as I gear up to get a full-time position this time after moving day.

Front-end Interview Questions Handbook Flashcards by yours truly

From the repo:

I decided that I wanted to study for these interview questions on the go, during commutes or while sitting in doctor's offices. So I made some flashcard decks in popular formats. Thanks to Yangshun's Front-end Interview Questions Handbook for the material. Will be updated as more info is pushed.

I will be trying to hack out a Python script to update the csv file automatically when new info is pushed. It will be a challenge but a fun one.

Lots of Great Content Out There

I am going to source what I find interesting an bring it to you for you to peruse at your leisure. Hope you enjoy! 😃 🤓 💪🏾

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