A Change of Platforms (Maybe)

From Tinyletter to Buttondown to Substack

Hello, again…

So there has been a definite gap between newsletters and as such, you can imagine there have been a lot of developments.

One of those developments is testing out Substack for this newsletter, inspired by my friend Arit Developer’s move from Revue to Substack.

She’s also inspired me to rethink what it is I want to do with this newsletter, and in the next post I’ll get into the nitty gritty of how my dysfunctional nerd brain thinks about marketing and trying to actually make something good with the tools you have to advance your career.

That’s it for today

But you should be on the lookout for an update soon, check out the about section for updates on what is changing and the direction of the newsletter going forward.

Hope you’ll continue to join me here in the new digs.